Colorful Jaguar

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Sweden – 2011

Sweden - 2011

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Sweden – 2011

Sweden - 2011

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Chennai Express

Here is a link to the trailer of Chennai Express –

Despite sharing the link with you all, I would be surprised if there is anyone who has not seen the trailer of Chennai Express yet as Shahrukh Khan has been on a crazy promotion spree for the last month or so and has used every available platform to spread the word about this movie. He went a step further than the usual promotions seen these days by even making an extended appearance in a daily soap.

Chennai Express was never meant to be great cinema. Rohit Shetty’s movies are for the masses and he has been successful at getting huge success at the BO despite the negative reviews. I do not see anything inherently wrong in creating an all out entertainer without caring about critical acclaim but unfortunately Chennai Express is not even close to Rohit Shetty’s best. Its not a complete dud but it is too long and there are many scenes which

Shahrukh Khan is a much better actor and its unfortunate that its been a while since we have seen a Chak De India type of performance for him. There are moments in Chennai Express, especially the romantic scenes, where we see glimpses of the talent that the King Khan possesses but for the most part he seems to be going through the motion and trusting Rohit Shetty. Deepika on the other hand has seen both commercial success and critical appreciate for her last few movies and this one is no different. Her South Indian accent is impeccable though irritating and her comic timing is also worth applauding. She has come a long way since her expressionless Om Shanti Om days.

There is nothing that stands out as far as the music is concerned and perhaps the tribute to Rajnikanth during the ending credits is the only saving grace. The scenic beauty of South India that is showcased throughout the movie is

The only thing to look forward to in the movie are a couple of scenes where Deepika and Shahrukh converse by modifying the lyrics of famous songs. Watch the movie only if you are a Shahrukh fanatic or have nothing better to do.

Rating – 2.5/5

Tell me what you think?

By: Vishal Anand (My brother)

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I feel that music is something that describe you. If someone looks at my iPod songs they can tell that what kind of person I am and what type of songs I like. Everyone has their own type and I do too. I like mostly all type of songs but when it comes to hearing 1990s old rock music it just makes me bored. I now that we are living in a world where every teenagers likes to listen to english music rather than their own language music. But I prefer hindi music as I fell that I can relate to it more and understand it more. I love the beats and the way singers say each and every word. Hindi music for me is better that all type of music. People ask me what kinds of songs I like and I say all hindi songs but they do not care because they do not know any hindi songs, so I just feel it is ok everyone has their own preference and mine is hindi music. I like the song called mashallah from ek that tiger and the song rani tu mai raja from son of sardar. My favorite Indian singers are Honey singh, Shreya ghoshal and Sonu nigum for sure. There are many more singers I like but these are the three main ones. Music is something I listen to everyday going to school and coming back and while doing my homework. Music makes me happy. I have noticed a few times that when I am listening to music I start to sing it and it makes me so happy. Every person has a different impact of music on them. 

Ok, well go listen to music and enjoy your day 

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Photography – Trip To Tokyo

Photography - Trip To Tokyo

Taking photos is my passion. I have been to so many countries and seen so many different views and different culture and that makes me take more photos everyday. I started to take photos from when I was in China just because I felt that I would love to see these beautiful images in the future and show those views to my friends and family. My brother got a canon camera for his graduation present, but because he was not able to take it with him he left it behind with me. At that time I decided to use it and take photos. Photos of things I thought looked wonderful. I took part in school photography programs and took photos of sports and i took photos for the yearbook. Some of my friends told me that my photo taking techniques are getting better day by day and that I should considered this as one of my future goals. I have always thought that I am more of a girl who likes to be behind the camera and take photos rather than being in front of it.

This particular photo was taken by me while I was coming back from my trip to Tokyo. I did not do any filtering or coloring in this photo because I fell that doing something with the photo just spoils the beauty of it. If you color your photos then you would not be able to see how it actually looked like. I am on a group on Facebook, it is called “Photoshare” and in that group I see that everyone colors their photo and jet change how it looks like. Some of the editing makes it look good but still cannot you just upload it like how it is supposed to be.

Well, that was about my photography, hope you liked my views and comment if you disagree with something or want to tell me your views.

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Hello World!!!

Today I am deciding to enter the world of blogs. I have been thinking to enter this world for more than 3 years and now is the day when I am finally writing my first post. I have used Facebook for a long time but I never really shared stuff but now I feel that it is time to share my views on things, on subjects that I really know about and I am comfortable on talking about.

Let me tell you a bit about me…

I am a 15 years old girl who has dreams like any ordinary girl. I am in 11th grade right now and have  no plans about my future. I have never ever dreamed about my future because I have never really liked to think about what is going to happened in the future, I am more of a girl who thinks more about the present rather than the future. I think everyone’s life should be unpredictable and , its best to not lose your sleep over it and let life surprise you day by day.

I have lived in many countries thanks to my dad’s job. I was born in Seoul and have lived in Accra, Delhi, Beijing, Helsinki and now Japan. I have lived about 3 years in all these countries and I am really happy that I have had the opportunity to live  in all these wonderful countries and make so many good friends. I am honored to have had the opportunity to discover all these different and beautiful cultures.

My Idols in life: I am a person who does not have any idols other than my parents, who I respect and love a lot. I feel that what ever decision my parents make for me would be best for me even. My parents have always been with me in my good times and even in my bad times. They are someone who I can go to and ask for about anything and who I cannot live without even one day.

Everyone loves their family and so do I. My parents and my older brother have been there for me always. I have had many wonderful memories with them. My brother who I am really close too and really happy that he is in my life. He is a person who I can talk to and play games with and even draw with (even though he does not like to). My brother and I  fight all the time but that is what happens between a brother and sister right? And my parents they are just wonderful. They are, well how parents are; loving, caring and just wonderful.

Well I have to go now so bye and keep on reading my blog if you want to know more about me.


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